HSG Testing.. HELP
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gigi - September 7

hi.. i have to go for this test. i think this week.. jsut wnated to know what it feels like and what they really do, and if anyone got results after it was done.. not sure if my tubes are blocked, but i guess i will find out.. thanks!


Helayna - September 7

Hi, sweetie! I had this test a few months ago, and this is what happened to me: The insert a small tube through your cervis and inject dye through it , while watching on an x-ray machine. If the dye runs smoothly through your tubes, all is good. If it is stopped at any point, that means there is a blockage.
As far as how it feels, it is different for everyone. Some say it wasn't so bad, while others really hurt from it. When I had mine done, it wasn't that bad. I did cramp up while the first inject the dye, but it onlyREALLY hurt for a few seconds, and then the cramping gets less and less. It ca be messy when you're finished, because all the dye leaks out , so you probably want to bring a pad with you just in case. As soon as I was finished with the procedure, my husband drove me home, I took a short nap, and then I was perfectly fine again! I hope I helped! Good luck!!! *baby dust* Helayna


KT - September 7

Hi Gigi, I've had two HSGs, and my experience was like Helayna's. I only had some cramping, and mine was more towards the end of the dye injection than when they first started. I was terrified before the first HSG and I didn't think it was any big deal afterwards. Also, in case you didn't know, it can increase your chance of getting pregnant for 3 months after the test. I got pregnant in the first couple of months after each HSG. Unfortunately the 1st time I M/C. The only reason I had the second HSG is to try to re-create the conditions of the 1st time I got pregnant (not for any diagnostic reason), because I just couldn't seem to get pregnant. It worked and I am now 14 weeks into what appears to be a healthy pregnancy. Good luck!!



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