HSG Testing
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Deb - November 1

Anyone ever had success or know anyone who has had success after getting an HSG test done? I had one done yesterday and my tubes were partially blocked. I am hoping it will make it easier now to conceive this cycle. Please share!


For Deb from xokimxo - November 11

Hi. I had a HSG done on the 19th of Oct. I am due for my monthly visitor yesterday. However, i have not recieved it. The doc says that you have a increased chance at pregnancy for the next 3 months afterwards. The dye helps clean out the build up and excess stuff that is in the tubes. Not only can it help see what is going on down there but it help clean things out. I am hoping my doc was right about the increase pregnancy thing. Good luck Deb and i hope that you get you little bundle of love soon.


CJ - November 11

I had an HSG done in August and am 6 weeks pregnant now. However, I also took Clomid. My tubes were clear so I think it was really the Clomid that helped me but who knows. Good luck to you!


K - November 11

HSG seems to be the only way they can get me pregnant. It definitely worked for me. My first HSG, I got pregnant the month after the HSG, but unfortunately I m/c at six weeks. When after almost a year I still hadn't gotten pregnant again (even after IUIs, Clomid and Femara), my Doctor did a second HSG, not for diagnostic, but just to try to re-create the conditions of the first time I got pregnant. It worked, that time I got pregnant the second month after the HSG and I am now 23 weeks pregnant. We have discussed it with the doctor and since I am older if I decide to try to have a second child after this one, we will immediately proceed with an HSG to give me the 3 month increased chance window as that seems to me what does the trick for me. My tubes looked clear on the HSGs, but apparently there must be something really minor going on with them that the HSG cleans out and takes care of. Good luck!


Deb - November 11

Thank you all soo much for your feedback. I am due the 20th and praying it worked the first time around. xokimxo..did you get af yet??? Are you going to test? Please keep me informed of what happens with you! I am hoping I have success with this as you guys! Even if it doesnt happen this month..I hope it happens within the next 2 months! But it would be REALLY nice to have this great surprise for Thanksgiving. Talk about something to be thankful for!!! Good luck to all of you and loads of baby dust!


mtnlass - August 10



dmk - August 10

I had an HSG done the beginning of June. I just got my BFP Aug 6th. I feel it worked for me as we were trying for over a year. Deb, are your tubes still blocked? My tubes were not. But, there could have been something small that the dye cleared out... Good Luck!


beautifullyblessed - June 19

Hello, I had a HSG done today 6/19. I was nervous and upset for NOTHING! There was no pain whatsoever, just mild pressure. I guess every one has a different experience. Good news! I do not have any blockages or scar tissue. After trusting God, and trying to be patient,and after two miscarriages along the way. I am cleared to try again! I pray that we conceive very soon! I can't wait to see what God has for me and my family! All things are possible with Him! May God bless you all and give you the desires of your heart:)Good luck!


soup25 - July 6

I am going for HSG on Friday the 13th! Ahhh...I'm scared. Praying for a miracle though...



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