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ROBYN - February 24

Hi all I had my HSG on Monday i bled very little for a couple of hours after test it then went away. Yesterday which was thursday I had some bright pink blood and CM mixed when I went to the bathroom (TMI) sorry with what I thought were period cramps i guess not because it only lasted an hour then disappeared. I called my RE because they wanted to do a pelvic ultrasound if it was my period. Guess its not. So I cancelled that appt and now have no idea what the blood and cramping was from. I have never had that before. I do have PCOS and.my period was brought on with prometrium on 2/11 so i could get my HSG test it lasted for 5 days. I asked a similar question yesterday and one of the girls thought it might be ovulation. I also use the CBM and have had high fertility days for a week but now egg yet. So looking for some advice or possible answers. thanks.



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