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grad19 - August 7

Hi all. I had an HSG test on Friday. My doctor said that I was not ovulating and that is why I needed the test before he put me on Clomid, etc.. Now, they say that the best time to get pregnant is after an HSG. But I'm confused because if I am not ovulating, is it still possible to get pregnant shortly after the HSG like they say?? Please help if you know or have heard of issues like that. Thank you SO much!


Mega - August 7

Hi grad! All that means is the theory goes a HSG "cleans the cobwebs out" & makes you more fertile for up to 3 mos. after the procedure. Of course you must O, but presumably the Clomid should make you O. Also in say the case of male issues, a HSG won't help that either. But when they get you Oing, then hopefully that's all it will take. How'd the HSG go? I'm guessing your tubes are clear? Good luck to you. I HTH! Keep us posted on how things go for you.


marymo - August 7

Hi grad. How did the HSG go? That does make sense, to make sure your tubes are clear before starting the clomid. As for me, Im having my HSG next week. They say to take motrin before you have it, did you do that? Just curious. Good luck to you.


MelissaV - August 8

It makes sense to me too. The way my doctor put it is "why waste time on Clomid if your tubes are blocked". I'm assuming your tubes were clear? If so that's great! Now hopefully the clomid will do it's job!


Mega - August 8

marymo--I can answer your question too if you don't mind. When I had my HSG last year, my dr said to take 3 or 4 advil an hour or so beforehand. Which I did, but I didn't count on waiting another hour or so on top of that for the actual procedure. But I think it took the edge off somewhat, so I definitely recommend taking some sort of pain reliever (Motrin is probably a good choice) before hand. Good luck & I hope the HSG comes out all clear.


grad19 - August 8

Thanks ladies! Well my HSG was clear. The test wasn't as bad as I had anticipated and I didn't even take any tylenol! My husband and I are bd'ing and hopefully something will come out of it. Otherwise I suppose I have to start the Clomid. Thank you for all of your input.


marymo - August 9

Mega, thanks for your input, I appreciate it!!!!!


Morrison1 - August 9

Marymo - I have had an HSG and a follow up tubal canulization (turns out my tube just looked "blocked" due to spasming), however my HSG was quite painful. If you have any spasms, or even slight blockage that the doc feels he may be able to clear by pushing the dye in, it could be somewhat uncomfortalbe. I even took 800mg motrin. Not enveryone experiences pain, but many do...best to be safe rather than sorry and take something before hand. Heck, if I could do it over, i woudl have swallowed my motrin with a shot or two of whiskey!



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