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d - August 30

For those of you who had an HSG done, is it really painful? Did you take any valium or anything to relax you? What were your side effects? How long did they last? Sorry for so many questions, but I may have to get one done and I get queasy when I have to go to the gyno to get my annual. Thanks for your help!


Susan - August 30

Hi d, I had an HSG about 3 weeks ago. I was totally terrified beforehand but it wasn't that bad at all. I took 3 advil a couple of hours before I went in. I didn't have any cramping but just had a weird sensation in my abdomen for a few days afterwards. Try to relax if you can, I think I made it harder on myself because I was so tense. Good Luck!


isa - August 30

I gasped when the dye went in, it shocked me. It cramped badly but by the time i was changing it was gone. I was uncomfortable off and on that night. I had taken 2 tylenols and it did nothing for me. I'd do it again if i had to but all was ok.It was over very fast.


Peggy - August 30

I had my HSG last week and it was AWFUL. I forgot to take the Ibuprofin as they suggested, and I also forgot to take my anxiety drugs that day. not smart at all. then, the radiologist said my cervix was hard and really had to work and use extra tools to get through the cervix and I got all hot and sweaty and nauseas and faint. Definitely take the ibuprofin, and if you have a friend with some lexapro, take one for a few days before the test. what could it hurt? I have been reading a lot about HSG's since mine because the radiologist acted like mine was the first one to be so hard (maybe it was his first?) and other people have talked about being told to take pain reliever and anxiety drug prior to test. I truely believe mine was only bad because I didn't take my drugs and am a worry wart. it hurt pretty bad, but i could have probably taken that if my nervousness hadn't taken over. Good luck with yours. I've seen lots of different descriptions on the web. Hopefully you have an easy one. I'm really excited about the potential "Drano" effect that the dye will have on my tubes!!!


Susan - August 30

Peggy, that's crazy that your radiologist acted like yours was the only difficult cervix! Mine had to try three times to get the catheter in. Not very pleasant but I really think the anxiety beforehand is the worst. Good luck to you this month!


d - August 31

thanks for all your input ladies- I really appreciate it! wish me luck! I hope I don't pass out!



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