HSG on Wednesday...need advice...
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Penny - July 23

I'm scheduled for an HSG on Wednesday because I have not ovulated or had A/F in the past 2 months. Did anyone else have the HSG for that purpose alone? My DH and I are trying to conceive and up until January, I had never missed a period before. I did have a D&C in March for a polyp in my uterus, but then had a normal A/F in April and May. I have missed my June and July A/F and so my doc schedule the HSG.

I've read conflicting stories of pain and am getting nervous. I did have an endometrial biopsy in my doc's office right before the D&C and that was painful, but not unbearable.

Does anyone know if this will compare to that?
Also, how does the pain of your uterus contracting from the HSG compare to labor pains?

Also, I have left-over Percocet from my D&C and am wondering if anyone has taken this prior to the HSG and if that's allowed?


Penny - July 25



penny - July 25

bump..please help!


Sara - July 25

Hi Penny, I've had an HSG before and its not bad. It's comparable to menstrual cramps. You can take an anaprox or ibuprofen beforehand but I don't think you'll need anything. The whole procedure takes about 10 mins. Good luck...


kmd - July 25

I had my HSG last week---not bad at all, just light cramping that only lasted for 5-10 min. I think by reading on the internet I scared myself more than needed. I'd do it again in a heartbeat, if it meant pregnancy possibilities---btw, I had regular 30 day cycles until my last 2 cycles--both of these were 50 days long! Don't know why and neither does docotor--my hormone levels were good and HSG was fine.


Lena - July 25

I had an HSG and the pain was minimal - nothing more than minor menstrual cramps and only for a few minutes during and after the procedure. I felt fine by the time I was dressed. I took 4 advil one hour prior and that seems to be the key from everyone I've talked to.


Penny - July 26

That's great - thanks gals. I feel better about this now. I felt similar pain when I had my endometrial biopsy, and I didn't take any medication then. I'll probably just take some Advil and be fine. KMD - that's strange about your 50 day cycles - I'm on day 66 right now, with no A/F in sight. And I'm normally 28-30 days.


D. - July 26

My HSG was very painful. I hadn't been told that I should take some ibuprofen beforehand. It only lasted a minute, but it was the longest minute of my life!! I would suggest, just in case, that you take about 800 mg of ibuprofen about an hour before. Just in case. And bring a bad. It can be messy after.


kmd - July 26

Good luck Penny with your HSG--I'm sure you'll do just fine


KellyN - July 26

For me, the procedure was not all that painful, but I had bad cramping for about 20 minutes after it was over. It was gone by the time I got changed and left the Dr. office. I had a wierd thing happen, though, that you might want to look for (wish I would have). They showed me the monitor so I could see the dye going into my tubes. That dr. said everything was fine, but my dr. said the x-rays looked like my tubes were leaking dye out the end??!? During the x-ray I was so glad to see the dye easily going down the tubes, I didn't even think to look for any dye escaping out the ends. I had no idea that leakage was even a posibility. You may want to ask about that? -kelly


Penny - July 26

Well, I feel like I'm ready for it. Thanks so much, gals! It sounds like the same pain I would have from the endometrial biopsy - a simple contracting of my uterus. I'll be sure to ask the radiologist if any of my tubes are blocked and if the dye goes through with no difficulty.


Lena - July 27

Penny, best wishes with your HSG tomorrow!


Sara - July 27

Hi Penny, let us know how you make out on your HSG....Good luck...


Penny - July 27

Thanks! I'll let you know how it goes!


Penny - July 29

Well, I had my HSG yesterday and it was a breeze! I took 3 ibuprofen about 1 hour before, as suggested, and the doc was running late so it was about 1 1/2 hours before he got to me. It was literally painless. I had a bit of tiny pin-pricking sensation as the catheter was being inserted, but no pain when the dye was shot into me at all. I could feel a small pressure, not even as painful as a normal menstrual cramp - and I don't get bad menstrual cramps.

It was not nearly as painful as the endometrial biopsy, which was just uncomfortable pain.

I was glad I took the medication before - perhaps that helped. The doc said that my tubes are clear and the dye went through with no problem - so my DH and I will be TTC for the next few days, as the Doc and nurse and x-ray tech all said that I would be more fertile in the next few days.

Thanks to all the gals who told me that I'd be fine. There was really nothing to worry about.


Sara - July 29

I'm glad you HSG went great. I'm ovulating this week and DH and I will be TTC too. Good luck Penny keep us posted.


Lena - July 29

Glad to hear it went so well!



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