HSG on Monday. Any words of wisdom?
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Ashley - January 14

I am going in for an HSG on Monday and am a bit nervous. Any one know of any reason not to do it ? Also anyone have any suggestions on how to deal with it? Advil? Tylenol? Other?


Loulouse - January 14

Hi Ashley. I had my hsg done on tuesday and for me it was not comfortable at all. I felt a little pressure when they inserted the catheter and before I knew it, I was done. Everyone is different. I took 2 ibuprofen 600mg one hr before the test , hopefully it helped. When I was done I had slight period-like cramping and I take 2 pills again for it and I was fine. Just relax and take deep breaths, made me feel better. Good luck to you.


Been There - January 14

I've had two of them. I'd say take drugs before. Ibuprofen is stronger than Acetaminophen. Try your hardest to relax because there will be cramping. I'd also suggest taking some baby wipes with you because there will be dye coming out.


smurray - January 14

Hi Ashley. I had an HSG just this past Monday (Jan 9) I was sooo nervous! (I have a very low pain threshhold!) I tried to prepare myself for the worst. I took 2 (200 mgs) Ibuprofens an hour before it was scheduled... I was supposed to have had it done at 12:00 but doc was running behind so it was actually 1:00, so my meds probably had worn off by that time lol. I did have cramping when the dye went through. It only lasted a few seconds but it still was not pleasant! I also had bleeding afterward and lightly for the rest of the day. They provided a wash cloth and towel to clean up with and also a pad. I cramped the following 2 days, too but don't know if that was because of ovulation or not. Just try to relax the best you can! Good luck!!


isa - January 15

my suggestion is where underwear (not a thong) and take your own panty liner or pad as the ones they give you at the hospital are huge!! the dye looked just like af but I didnt have much of it. It cramped right when he shot the dye in but didnt last long. By the time I was out to my car I was fine. I too took stuff before hand but it did nothing for me. Relax if you can as that is the part that causes you to cramp up I think. It's over before you even know it.


mckenzie - January 15

hey guys i was wondering do I need to go to Re to have HSG done or can i got to an ob.


Ann - January 15

Mckenzie, either your ob/gyn or a RE can order the test, but it is done as an outpatient surgery, so the ob/gyn or RE does't actually perform the test.


dea - January 16

ANN: My ob/gyn did the actual test. Just an FYI~~~!! I think it depends on her dr.-- but we did do it at the hospital and it was out patient. Good luck Ashley-- take the meds before. Wear loose pants (like sweats).


tibby - January 16

I had one done this past Firday 13th I didn't take any thing. It was a little pressure when the dye went in. The dye was clear. the nurse old me it would be sticky when it came out. The doctor had a little problem getting the catheter to stay in but it finally did. But it took about 5 minutes. It wasn't bad at all.


mckenzie - January 16

Thanks Ann and Dea for your reply. Am going in to see my dr tomorrow because I've been ttc for ten mnths now with no luck. I have a girlfriend who got pregnant twice since then. I am wondering what is wrong with me. Will follow up with you guys. Good luck to you all.


Ashley - January 16

Thank you all for your help. I go in today at 12:30, so hopefully it will all go smoothly. Good luck to you all!


mckenzie - January 16

Hey ashley i hope all went well. Please let me know your experience I will be having hsg next month as well.


Ashley - January 17

Well, I am not going to sugar coat this for you....it really sucked! I knew that some people had pain and some did not, so I was hoping I was one of those that would not. I was wrong. I got all hot and couldn't quite breath. It hurt quite a bit and was very uncomfortable. I just hope it works. As far as suggestions for you, I would say take pain killers. I took 3 advil, it def was not enough.....Sorry I don't have been feedback but hopefully u are one of the lucky ones.


M - January 17

I had an hsg done in Mid December and took ibuprofen beforehand (400 mg 2 hours before and 400 mg an hour before to make sure I was covered!). Remember to breath -my dr. had to remind me to relax. I didn't think it was so bad and I have an ovulatory problem and 5 days after, I o'd and now I think I am pg!!! (+ hpt just today) Good Luck!!!


einfanti - January 17

Ashley, I'm sorry I didn't get to you bf you went for the HSG. I had 2 - the 1st I took tylenol - what a joke! Hurt like !@#$%%^^^&* The 2nd time I took Hydrocodone. I didn't feel a thing! I came home and slept it off for a few hours and was no worse for the wear. I would never have another without taking REAL (Rx) painkillers !



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