HSG for not ovulating and no AF?
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Penny - July 20

I had a D&C in March for a polyp removal in my uterus as well as a hysteroscopy. In both April and May I ovulated and had AF. In June and July I have not ovulated or had AF. My doc checked my hormones last week and they're fine. She now wants to do an HSG. Will that tell her why I'm not ovulating? I thought my schedule was just screwed up post-D&C, but could it be something new that wasn't found during the hysteroscopy?


jen - July 20

I had no ovulation and ttc for 13 months. Had HSG 6/13..... just got my BFP today!!! Do it.


Penny - July 21

Wow! That's encouraging! Thanks for sharing that, Jen!! I'm definitely going to do it!


Lena - July 21

An HSG checks for blockage in your fallopian tubes, which is done by imaging dye that is injected in your uterus. A bloodtest for progesteron, approx 8 days post ovulation, would be used to monitor ovulation.



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