HSG experience
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Toni - September 29

What advice/info. do you have for this procedure? Thanks!


terri - September 29

it was painful, but not unbearable. it feels like severe period cramps for about 2 minutes and its over. it really helps in detecting further treatments and any blockages or problems. it is worht it no worries, everyone is so different, but they told me to take a tylenol or motrin before leaving the house to prevent pain, but i still felt it. good luck!


Kerri - September 29

I took motrin 1 hour before the procedure...my tubes weren't blocked and it just felt like af cramps after the procedure for 5 min. It's totally worth it--I had HSG in July and now I'm pregnant! Good luck!


Toni - September 29

Thanks for your answers!


gi23 - September 29

Good Luck i think yuou will be fine.. it's jsut a little uncomfortable and than cramps for about 2 minutes when the dye goes in you and than your fine. i had one on sept 9th and i'm hoping for a BFP they say you are fertile for 3 months!


Cendy - September 30

Toni, I don't mean to scare you, but I had my HSG today, and the painful part was the inflation of the balloon. Once that is over you are fine. My tubes were blocked so I started to feel pains in my right ovary right away. The pains have gotten pretty bad throughout the day and night. I was not expecting to have this much pain, but it could be because mine were blocked. I would do the procedure over if I had to. It is worth the discomfort. Good luck.


Mega - September 30

It's like Cendy said, it's worse if your tubes are blocked. Mine were okay, so after the procedure I felt pretty good. Afterwards I went back to work & worked the entire day. But definitely take advil or motrin beforehand (I took
3 or 4). It does help immensely. There was really only one point I felt pretty sore, but the pain & pressure didn't last long. And as Kerri said a lot of people get BFPs in the months preceding the hsg test. Good luck. Hang in there!


Susan - September 30

I had one last month. It wasn't really painful just uncomfortable, espcially when they were inserting the catheter. I took 3 advil beforehand. Good luck, I'm sure you'll be fine :)


toni - September 30

Thanks everyone! I had it today and it was really no big deal. I worried for nothing. I only had slight cramping afterwards. I took everyone's advice and took advil beforehand. And the news from the hsg was all good! Good luck to all.



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