HSG Cost?
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pooh - July 18

This is my first cycle taking Clomid and doctor also told me to take HSG exam in next few days. My insurance does not cover HSG exam. I would like to know how much it usually cost. Since this is my first time with Clomid, should I wait for 2 cycle before taking HSG? Thank for any suggestion in advance


jen - July 18

All told, mine was over 1,000!


merlee - July 18

Insurance should cover an HSG if the doctor says it is for the diagnosis of endometriosis. Most insurance will cover diagnostic tests. Make sure you ask your doctor about it BEFORE the procedure, then maybe he can be aware that he should word it differently, so that it is covered.


Kristen - July 19

Mine was 700 and something dollars and I had to pay my deductible and 20% but I got pregnant right after so I think it is worth it


cheri - July 19

my insurance dosen't cover anything fertility so i had my obgyn order one and he said it was for a medical reason he said it was to check for fibroids and my insurance would then cover it. but before that i called around to different radiology labs to price the cost and if you pay cash they quoted me around $500.00. i hope that helps but it is a test i would definately recommend getting it.


Rachel - July 19

Mine cost about 800 but my doc said it was for pelvic pain so my insurance covered it. I would definitely have it done because the clomid won't help if yor tubes are blocked.


pooh - July 25

Thank You for all answers! I took the test and my tubes are fine!



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