HSG and whacky fertility monitor results (late ovulation?)
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maildd - March 20

I am new to this site and hope someone out there has some information on this issue. Can an HSG cause whacky results on a fertility monitor or delay ovulation?

I had an HSG on Feb 20 that showed no abnormalities. Following the HSG, my fertility monitor, which I have been using for at least 6 months did not give me the results that I typically get.

Every month that I have used the fertility monitor, I get a few days with a "low" result, 3-4 days with a "high" result, and then a "peak" result. The "peak" result has always shown up 2 weeks (or 2 weeks plus one day) past the start of my period.

Following the HSG, I did not get "high" results at all - but I did get the "peak" result on the same day I would have expected it.

Now, here is the tricky part - I am now showing signs of pregnancy (including a missed period). Initial blood work showed low HcG levels (24.6) and 3 days later, the level was 50.

If the fertility monitor was right, the 24.6 reading was approx. 16dpo and the 50 was 19dpo. That said, the nurse said that the numbers low enough for "possible" concern assuming that I did ovulate when the fertility monitor says - however, she said I may have ovulated later - in which case, the numbers are OK.

Any thoughts on this from anyone?


linds99 - March 20

Absolutely not...your fertility monitor is tracking your luteinizing hormone surge. That HSG can not effect hormone levels. I would however, say that an HSG may temporarily coat the uterine cavity where the embryo implants after fertilization occurs, which is why doctors wait until a new cycle (bleeding/period) occurs after HSG to shed the lining and start a protocol.


maildd - March 20

Linds99 - thanks for your answer. So, a possible change to the uterine linking wouldn't affect the hormone levels (mine also tracks estrogen in addition to LH)?

If I am getting positive ovulation results on my fertility monitor, is it still possible that I am ovulating later than the results would indicate?

If not, then my HcG levels are low enough to be a bad sign at this stage.



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