HSG and ovulation
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kmd - July 21

I'm having an HSG done tomorrow---does anyone know if it delays your ovulation pattern at all? Is there any other way to know if I'm ovulating besides BBT tracking--my doctor doesn't believe in BBT---would OPK let me know for sure if I'm ovulating???


Lena - July 21

An HSG doesn't effect your ovulation pattern. The only sure way to know if you've ovulated is u/s before and after ovulation or a progesterone check 8 days after ovulation.


kc - July 21

You can check your cervix position: It is best to start right after your period so you can find it and be able to feel the changes in position and texture. Make sure your hands are clean and dry. Insert middle finger (gross I know but this is the only way to check) and search for a cylindrical shape with a closed hole on the end it will be positioned low easily reached with your middle finger. It will be very firm like the tip of your nose. When you are fertile (ovulating) the cylinder will move upwards barely reachable, the hole will open to the width of your finger tip and it will become soft like your lip. At this time you will notice your cm will become slippery and be the consistency of raw egg white. I hope this helps. Use this along with you bbt to help pin point when you are most fertile. Good luck and lots of baby dust.


kmd - July 21

Thank you for your input--do either one of you know what you are given to "bring on" another period if its been forever since I've started. My doctor mentioned some drug--do you know the name of it, is it taken orally or injected? How long after I take it will I get a period? Does starting your period by a drug effect ovulation?


question for Lena - July 21

You seem very knowledgable in this area and I am embarassed to ask anyone in person (who would know, anyway?). When I check my cervix, after AF, when it is low, it is pointed towards the left not straight down, it is tucked way over to the left side, the hole is up against the side of my inside wall. Closer to O it is high and still pointed to the left but b/c it is high it is not as pronounced. Is this what they call "tilted uterus"? Is this what has possibly prevented my getting preg? I have been to 2 gyns, and RE, and no one said anything to me about it. When I had HSG, the tech said that she had no trouble finding my cervix, so I took that to mean all was well. I go to a new gyn next week and plan to ask about this, now that I am aware of it myself. I have become proactive with my doctors lately since ttc for 2.5 yrs. Thank you for any info, advice.


kmd - July 22

Had my HSG today--it wasn't bad at all. Just slight cramping when balloon was inflated to block off dye---but by the time it was over the cramping was gone. Both tubes are clear, with right tube spilling over faster than left tube(need to shot a little x-tra dye in to make left tube fill up and spill) Dr. said all looked okay---maybe those swimmers can make it up there now! btw-I have 2 friends pregnant that have the tilted uterus-took one 9 months to get pregnant and the other 13--so don't give up...IT WILL HAPPEN!


B - July 22



b - July 24



Lena - July 24

First to clarify, even though your cervix may feel "ovulatory" it is still very possible for the follicle to regress without any ovulation. I've seen it happen a gajillion times. Its very possible for your cervix to move around. There are even cervix that, for lack of better words, will spin around like a slippery pig. The uterus is suspended in the body by broad ligaments, similiar to a child's swing being held by two chains. This is what makes it possible for your cervix to seemingly move. Also, vascular changes will cause the cervix to have more blood than normal flowing through. This is what actually moves the cervix from the sides to the center and gives it a rosette red color. In the luteal phase, when progesterone is high, the cervix will appear pale in color. A tilted uterus is one that tips backwards slightly.Cilia in the uterus and fallopian tubes, not gravity or liquid, move sperm towards the ovaries. A tilted uterus has little effect on fertility. Often times you'll hear that a woman's infertility is caused by her tipped uterus, but that's never been documented as a true cause. Its typically a supposition when the doctor can't identify the exact cause.


merlee - July 24

Lena, I knew you could answer my question. Thank you for releaving my mind.



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