HSG -- painful?
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Terri - March 14

I am hoping someone can tell me how painful or uncomfortable an hsg is. How did you feel afterwards? Did you feel like riding in a car for 2 hours afterwards? The reason I am asking is because we have a long drive back home from our RE and I have to have an hsg friday. What should I expect?


wannabeamom - March 14

Hi Terri, When I went I took 800mg of ibuprofin that morning. I had some pain during and very little discomfort immediately after. I would hav ebeen fine driving 2 hours. I probably would have slept like a baby. However, I have heard other stories which include a lot of pain. Everyone is different. I did some research via google. This website has good info: http://www2.mc.duke.edu/depts/obgyn/ivf/HSG.htm. Other sites may be better. Goodluck and don't be intimidated by it.


Terri - March 14

Thanks and thanks for the website!


Bing - March 14

Terri, I had an HSG on 2/23/06 and also took 800mg of ibuprofen about an hour prior. In hindsight, I wish I would have taken one more tablet as during the procedure I had quite a bit more painful cramping than I had expected. However, the cramping was very brief as the procedure is quick. You can expect mild cramping for the rest of the day, similar to menstrual cramps...if even that. You should have no trouble riding in the car. Just bring some extra ibuprofen with you in case you need it. Staying relaxed during the procedure helps. Good luck!


ROBYN - March 14

Terri, I had mine on 2/20 my RE gave me percocet for pain prior to the procedure. It was not really painful at all. The most uncomfortable was the dye injection that burned after that its just more of a discomfort thing. I had cramps and some bleeding. I built up so much fear prior to going. It really was no big deal. Good luck


Terri - March 14

Thanks everyone. I think I am just so nervous that I am making myself scared. We have decided to stay in a hotel close to our facility so that we can just relax after it is over! We deserve a night away anyways!


lilly2 - March 15

Hi Terri, I had hsg in oktober las year, and my doctor or nurse didnt told about it anything, they didnt want to scary me.It is a bit unconfie and litlle bit painfull but everyone can handle this pain.I hed bluder infection after it.I beeb driving on my own and the only think i could feel after is cramping like period pain and normaly spoting.Think positive and how much you wish baby and it will help you, trust me.Good luck and lots of baby dust.


Ann - March 15

Terri, it was painful for me but worth it to get the answer of tubes clear or not. It would be worse to do all the treatments only to find your tubes were blocked. My pain was only during, though. I drove myself home (no one told me it was as painful as it was). Riding in the car wouldn't be bad, but I wouldn't recommend driving yourself (I felt disoriented after). Lots of people say it doesn't hurt that bad for them. I hope you are one of the lucky ones! Good luck and let us know how it goes for you.


Melissa - March 15

The only pain I had was during the procedure. I get pretty anxious when having med. treatments, so I had an anxiety attack which made the whole thing worse than it probably should have been. The pain just feels like terrible cramps. I would have felt fine enough to ride in a car 2 hours. I really felt fine once I calmed myself back down afterwords. Good luck to you!


K - March 15

Terri, I am a big wimp who hates medical procedures and I was terrified of the HSG. For me it was no big deal at all- Quick and relatively painless. I had no pain other than just a quick few seconds of cramping at the very end of the procedure. I had no pain at all afterwards. The only medication I had was the 3 Advils the doctor told me to take beforehand. Also, the HSG turned out to be my miracle test. My tubes were clear and it was true for me that you get 3 months of an increased chance of getting pregant after the test. I turned up pregnant the second month after my HSG after years of trying with no success.


Ericka - March 15

The only thing I felt was really strong cramping when the dye goes through your tubes. I took 800 mg ibuprofin about 1 hr before. My dr. also had me on antibiotics to ward off infection. I felt perfect after. I think it only really hurts if your tubes are blocked. Like K, I got pregnant 5 days after my hsg.


Terri - March 17

Wow I am glad to hear of women getting pregant soon afterwards! We have been trying for 3 years, tried clomid and IUI with no luck so I hope this will trigger something for us!


Terri - March 19

I had my hsg yesterday! I almost screwed up...i forgot to take anything for the pain! I remembered about 30 minutes before my appointment and I ran across the hospital to the parking garage to get some darvocet! I had left everything in the car! You were all right. It wasn't too painful, just extremely uncomfortable. The worst part for me was the pressure when they suctioned that thing on my cervix. I had only one little brown spot afterwards and have had weird feelings in my belly and back cramps here and there. Oh by the way, my tubes are both open! Thank goodness!


ROBYN - March 19

congrats on your results. see we told more anxiety going for the actual tests than really having it. good luck.


waitinforalittleone - March 19

I had an HSG test done in January and was told it wouldn't be that uncomfortable- during the test was ok for me - it wasn't a good feeling but it didn't hurt- what hurt me was they said i would continue to have the minor cramping until all the dye had come out but those were the worst"cramps" I have ever experienced - my drive home was only about 15 minutes and I was driving my husband crazy because i just wanted to get home and relax in the tub- it was not a pleasant experience for me but I will never have to do it again- I was not told to take anything before I went either- which probably would've helped but good luck!


flight321 - February 3

I had an HSG test today and did not feel bad at all. I read so many horror stories about how painful this test would be. I was told to take 3 alleve (naproxin sodium) prior to the test. It was similar to a pap smear, only a little discomfort when the dye was injected, which was 3-5 seconds of pressure. I was okay riding in a car and walking around, although I rested when I got home. Overall, I was happy with the procedure (tubes are not blocked!) and wish everyone out there the best. Don't be afraid!



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