HSG ????????
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Celia - April 9

Has anyone had an HSG I am due for one later this month I could use all the info I can get. Been TTC for almost 3 1/2 years.


Melissa - April 9

I did have one back in October. It was very uncomfortable but didn't last very long. The worst part was when they inserted the dye. I went to work afterward and felt fine until about an hour or two later. Then I started cramping really badly. It took about 24 hours before I felt completely over the whole thing. I would recommend resting afterwards.


Celia - April 10

Thank you for your advise Melissa.


Sheena - April 10

Hii Celia,
I had a hysterosonogram last month..it was like menstrual cramps.. when they insterted the iodine colored water.Its just a sonogram. But If u are talking about Hysteroslaphingogram,... then I dunno.
In hysterosongram, all they do is.. insert a cathreter and then put a balloon@ the end of it.. n infalte it.. then i had a cramp.Then through the cathreter* spelling* they inserted Iodine colored water.. and there were some cramps.. like may b menstrual cramps on the second day or u know heaviest flow day..It was done quickly.. n my doc.. kept telling me when & wot to expect.I had some pain when they passed the dye water.but tht was it..dont worry.. just relax.. it helps when u are relaxed. All the best..
Much love


*larna* - April 11

celia i had a hsg test 4 days ago it didnt hurt me but a lot of woman say it does. I think the worst part was when the put in the speculum thing. Im a big chicken when it comes to pain so the fact that it didnt hurt surprised me. it is a bit exciting now that i have had it done as ive heard so many success stories of woman who have fallen pregnant after they have had a hsg test as it is ment to clear out the tubes. Any way good luck and let us know how u went.


Heather :c) - April 12

I had one a few wks ago. I cramped like I would when AF's knocking on the door, and I took 2 ibuprofen an hour prior. I didn't feel well but it wasn't horrible. I felt fine as soon as they took the equipt out. GL!!!


Celia - April 12

Thank you all for your advise. Is it true that you are more fertile after this procedure???


Heather - April 12

I've heard and read that a HSG cleans the tubes out (if the dye went through the tubes and everything is OK) and many women get their BFP soon after...although I didn't get one this cycle :c( GL!


Sheena - April 14

Hi Celia,
Even I have heard tht this procedure clears the tubes..But something strange happenned with me... the dye- in my case- iodine water didnt go through.But I got AF two days after the test...Will get the actual picture tomm.. when i see my doc.
will let u know if i come to know something interesting.


Lindsay - April 14

What is HGS ?


Kerri-Lynn - April 14

I have been on Metformin since March 18th 2005,I REALLY hope it works for me,my fertility doctor seems to think it will...FINGERS CROSSED! I am on 850mg twice a day,went for my HSG DYE TEST today and my fallopian tubes are not blocked which is awsome..8 yrs ago i took Clomid and got pregnant with twins 3 months into the treatment:D now my twins will be 8yrs on May 31st :D..So i am preying that i have luck with this Metformin treatment.


Kerri-Lynn - April 15

Is it true that having a HSG test cleans out your fallopian tubes and is it true that you are more fertile after the test also? if so, who has had this test done and who has had success in getting pregnant not to long after and how long did it take you to become pregnant?


shannon - April 16

I had the test done in December. When they inserted the dye it was a horrible cramp that went away quickly. I took some ibuprofen before the treatment. I felt fine almost immediately afterwards. I hope all goes well for you. Good Luck!!!!



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