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shorty - March 25

I went for my HSg yesterday 03/24/06. I was very nervous MD was pretty in a hurry so i could not ask as many questions as possible. It was painful for me when he was pushing the dye through my tube. By the way i only have one ovary one tube. He said that my uterus was fine and my tube looked good just had a hard time pushing all the muscus out which he cleared off. I am excited to see if this gives me good results. I had one question what are the chances of my tubes getting blocked again and why do they get blocked for certain women.



bj - March 27

Hey, shorty. I don't know a whole lot, but I do know that my tube was caused because of endometriosis. Hope all goes well with you.


Nata - March 28

Hi ladies. Shorty, why did you have a hsg? How long have you been trying to conceive? I will have my hsg tomorrow. I'm a little scared. I didn't want the dr to find anything wrong with me. Also, I am afraid it will hurt a lot.


shorty - March 29

Hi Nata, i have been trying for 3 years after finding out I had a dermoid cyst they had to remove my ovary and tube. My gyn Dr said that when she went in laproscopicly she did not see anything wrong like endometriosis. She actually said that my ovary and tube looked perfect she just me to do HSG because just because it looked good from the outside did not mean that it looked good from the inside. I should be ovualating this weekend wish me luck.


shorty - March 29

Nata, you dont have nothing to be scared of it was pretty painful for that quick 2 seconds. Then boom it was over i cramped for an hour and spotted for 3 days. Good Luck!!



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