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bre - December 20

what are the chances of getting pregnant after the hsg


Megan - December 20

I don't think there are percentages, but I've read that women are cleared out so they are more fertile in the 3 months following the hsg.


Megan - December 20

Do you know when you can bd following the hsg?


Gracie - December 20

Megan, I had an hsg in nov and i asked when to bd and they said start that night! I had mine on day 11 of my cycle.


me - December 21

I had an HSG in late Oct and got pregnant in early Nov. It was the same cycle as my HSG and the dr said I can have sex asap as long as there is no bleeding or anything abnormal. Good luck!


K - December 21

It gives you an increased chance for 3 months. I don't know how much your chances increase, but I can tell you it worked for me- twice. I had an HSG and got pregnant in the three month window. Unfortunately, the 1st time I had a m/c . When I wasn't getting pregnant after the m/c, we did the second HSG not for diagnostic (my tubes were clear on the 1st test) but to try to recreate the same conditions as the first. Worked again, and I am now 29 weeks pregnant. I have two friends who also got pregnant in the 3 month window.



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