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wondering... - August 23

I have a HSG scheduled for Wednesday..I have read some of the threads on here about them..Just curious how long you were advised not to BD and how long you actually waited before you did ? I know chances are better in the next few months after the procedure, so I am hopeful this will help..
Also..Anyone had any blockages and if so, what did they need to do to clear them ? I am praying for no problems...


Kerri - August 23

I had my HSG done last month---we BD that night---I was taking antibodics to help prevent infections. Good Luck!


eb - August 23

I had my hsg on 8/8/05 . we bd the next night just because i still had some cramping. My tubes were both completely blocked I am scheduled to see a fertility spcialist on 8/29. Good luck , hope you get positive results.


wondering... - August 23

Thanks Kerri and eb..eb, was the HSG painful because both of your tubes are blocked ? They cant do surgery on them to clear them out before referring you to a fertilty specialist?


isa - August 23

i had mine last month , all clear. I was told to wait 1 to 1 1/2 days before bd. I had mine done on day 6 so it was no problem for me at all to wait. some cramping that day and a tad the next but fine after that. chances can be better i read that if they use an oil dye as it makes the tubes more slippery. i was not given antibiotics but was told to call if i got a temp or cramping was too severe but i was fine.


bump - August 23



eb - August 23

No I don't think so. Most people get cramps from the dye being injected to the cervix. My gyn felt it would be best if I saw a specialist, so I'm not sure if thats a good sign or not. Try to relax before the test, you'll do great.


Bump - August 25

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