HPT picking up a LH surge???
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mg - January 26

I have been getting very strong positive OPK for the last 3-4 days (very happy since this is my first + after a year of TTC!!) I also took a 3 HPT's both which I have NEVER had evaporation lines even if I looked at it days later. Shortly after the time limit I have received VERY VERY faint lines. Can the HPT be picking up my LH surge?


annette - January 26

i have heard about opks showing positive during pregnancy. i havent heard the other way round. How many dpo are you? do u know for sure u have ovulated. from what i have heard, ecev the faintest line in hpt is taken as positive pregnancy.


mg - January 27

Well thats the funny part, I have NEVER been abole to get a positive OPK, last month my AF was early and lasted only a couple hours over 1.5 days, followed by a couple days of brown watery discharge. But after all that ended it seemed my PMS never went away. A day or two after the early period I had a HCG quant and it was negative, a week later I had an ultrasound, and it showed I had a pretty thick lining? Eventhough I had just had a AF. Now I have been getting very strong positive OPK's for the last few days, and very faint evap. line? on HPT's two different brands, I have AF type cramps and sore boobs. I just dont know what to think except since its after the time limit its a evporation line, or its picking up a lh surge?


Cendy - January 27

MG, what kind of pregnancy tests are you using? If you are late or even a five days early the First Response Early pregnancy test will be able to pick up even faint HCG in your urine. I just got my first BFP after 15 months of trying and I tested a week before my AF was due and got a very faint line. Have you been to peeonastick.com. There they show actual pictures of +HPTS and I am bettting that you will see ones similar to the faint ones you got today. I hope this helps! It sounds like you are preggers to me! Congrats! BABY DUST!


mg - January 27

I dont know if I could really be pregnant, I would have had to implant like 18DPO or something and even then it would have taken the embryo almost 7 days to start to produce HCG to place it in the time frame I am dealing with, all are a possiblity, but most likely not. Or I ovulated 3-4 days ago, and I am started to show positive now, which I doubt as well ( I have had WAY to much false hope over the last few months!!!) The test appear stronger after the time limit, so they are probley just evaporation lines, although I have never seen evaporation lines on these brands no matter how long,but ever test is different. Maybe I am just ovulated for the first time in a few months, and I got a batch of bad HPTs or something?



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