HPT neg then positive
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KA - April 12

Has anyone ever had a preg. test show up neg and then later show up positive? I am 3 days late and on cd 29 got a neg. Should I take another or should it have showed a positive if I am preg. I am going nuts. I have a Dr.s appt. on wed if I do not start. Will they draw blood?


Heather - April 12

Call your dr's office and tell them you want to come in just for a blood test. I got several neg hpt's and still felt "different" so I went in. This was my first and only pregnancy so I didn't know what I was feeling... Just knew it was diff than my normal pms. The blood test came back positive and about 3 days later I finally got a + on a hpt. Good luck!! Hope it's a BFP!!


erica - April 12

Dear Heather. How far were you when you got your + on a hpt.


Amanda - April 12

What is BFP????????? I had a friend who took 3 tests the first 2 where - the third was + but it took 3 wks for the + to show


ERICA - April 12

Big FAt Positive,


KA - April 12

I would also like to know how long before you finally got a positive?


Heather - April 13

Erica - I was 15dpo


erica - April 13

Thank you! Heather.



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