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jennifer_33106 - April 25

Hey there! Been ttc for about 7 months and feelin really frustrated. I have a friend who has this joke that if she sneezes wrong she ends up pregnant. I wish I could sneeze that way. haha Anyways anyone have any advice to hurry the preocess. I am temping and all that.


emeliz - April 26

Hi Jennifer, I know how you feel. My sis. in law just got pregnant 1st month of trying. my sis and mom got pregnant 3x each, on the 1st try for all. on the other hand, my other friends took about 6 months each, and lots of women i talk to say it took them a yr. or 2. i've been ttc for 6 months and i can't imagine going through this frustration longer. but i have to accept it will take as long as it takes. 6 or 7 months, even a yr., is considered normal as long as you are otherwise healthy. i've been getting standard tests done (sonogram, HSG, bloodwork, etc.), to make sure all is ok. next month DH will get his test(s?) done too. i recommend this for all couples to ensure peace of mind, or just in case anything does need to be addressed health-wise. but one thing i can't stand is when people tell me to "RELAX," or "you're trying too hard." as much as i agree there's a mind-body connection, i refuse to blame my own nervousness on why this isn't happening. so, i won't tell you to "relax," ;) but hang in there! most likely, it WILL happen!



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