how you knew you had a problem?
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LC - December 1

Hi I have been TTC for 7months now. Trying to be patient and realize it can take time and that's normal. But would like to find out if I do have a problem so I can fix it now rather than I am just wondering more of the you figured out you had a problem, how long you waited, what Drs you saw (obgyn or RE) and when, symptoms you had if any, tests that were done, what your treatment is, etc....Thanks for sharing your stories and I appreciate any help, advice, and information.


me - December 1

Here is my story... I was on the pill for over 15 years and went off to try and lose weight before we got pregnant. I had regular 28 day cycles and felt ovulation pains occasionally. We tried to conceive since this January with no luck. I charted, temped and checked my cm, but no luck. In August I had 2 odd cycles, one long and one short. Since this was odd for me, I went to my ob/gyn first, who told me it didn't sound like I was ovulating and referred me to an RE. I only waited about 7 months myself before going to get help, since I turned 30 in August. The RE then diagnosed me with PCOS and were going to put my on clomid to help me ovulate, since all my other bloodwork came back normal. I got a glucose tolerance test, FSH, LH etc...Well, I never got put on clomid because of a huge cyst, which persisted for 2 months. Instead of wasting time, we used this month to do additional testing. This month I got my HSG and apparently ovulated too because I am now 5.5 weeks pregnant. I know every dr is different, but if you think something is wrong after temping or if your cycles are abnormal, I think 6 months is long enough to try and I would go right to an RE instead of wasting time with an ob/gyn. My advice is to know your body and note when you are having fertile cm, then bd every other day during that time until O is confirmed. That is what I did this month after my HSG and it seemed to have worked. Sorry this is so long. Please ask questions if you have them. Good luck!


LC - December 1

Thanks for sharing your story and congratulations on your pregnancy!! I have a few questions...when you said you initially charted, temped, checked cm...did you see an ovulation pattern? Did you have other symptoms of PCOS? and what are the symptoms of a cyst? How did you know you had a cyst?
I have heard that an HSG could clear the tubes and help when TTC. Did they see any blockages? Do you know if there would be any symptoms associated with blocked tubes?
I am 99% confident I am ovulating. Due to charting temps, opks. I have regular 28-30 day cycles. My husband is going in for an SA next week. I am going to the obgyn next week and hope to be more assertive asking for more tests. I have seen two different obgyns so far and they both have not encouraged any tests at this time. Am I being too impatient to wait a whole year? I am not sure if they will do any tests even if I ask for them. I am 29 yrs old.



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