How well do Dollar store OPKs and HPTs work?
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lovemy3 - December 14

Travelling south in a few days and I've heard in the States you can buy OPks and HPTs for cheaper at Dollar Stores. Just wondering if they are good and how sensitive they are for readings. It is Florida where we are travelling to. Thanks, praying for a BFP Christmas day!! Baby Dust to all. Thanks.


SashaP - December 14

I didn't have much luck with the OPK's but they work well for a lot of people. The HPT's work very well. You can find out more about them at Either way your only spending a $1 on each one. Good luck!!


slowpoke01 - December 15

lovemy3-i used the hpt and it works good. they seem to be more sensitive than the more expensive brands. i used them in august before i was suppossed to start and got a dark +, i had to terminate because it was ectopic though, but i will be using them again this time too because i had such good results with them. they have some at the dollar store where i live that you have to pee in a cup and use a dropper to put the urine sample on the test and they are $1.00 they also have some that you can use in midstream and they are $4.00 so either way they are alot cheaper than the others, but as far as the opk's i have never used those. they only sale the pregnancy tests at the dollar store where i live. good luck to you


lovemy3 - December 15

Thanks everybody. In Canada a 5pk of OPK's is $50.00.


preggoplease - December 15

I think the dollar tree tests work great. But just make sure you don't look at it after the alotted time cause $ trees give evap lines! I thought I was preggo last month cause after an hour a line showed up very very faint. I tested 5 times and everytime that line showed up but only after an hour. So don't let them fool you! GL!


lovemy3 - December 15

thanks thats great to know!!


slowpoke01 - December 15

lovemy3- i meant to mention the evap lines and i about that. wow 50.00 thats alot of money. you can usually get them on ebay pretty cheap too if you run out of the ones you buy at the dollar tree. i got 5 packages off ebay for like 25.00 they were the accueclear i think. anyway good luck


nic - January 1

They work fine! They're all I use, now that I know about them. They are soo much cheaper than other tests, and they DO work!


Lynn - January 1

The HPT's work great. Since I have PCOS, OPK's usually do not work for me so I do not bother with them but I am happy to report, I am 35 weeks pregnant after only using $ Tree HPT.


Ann1 - January 2

I used a dollar store hpt at 10dpo and got a bfn. The next day at 11dpo, I used a name brand test and got a dark bfp, so I don't have much faith in the dollar brand anymore when it comes to early detection. I kept testing with the dollar store brand, and it showed a very light bfp at 13dpo.



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