How to know when you are ovulating
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Liznette - June 29

Hey Girls i found a page it gots a calendar you put the day of your period and it will tell you when are you ovulating . is free and is the link...Pinpoint your fertile days with


kelley32 - June 29

Unfortunately, in some cases, those ovulation calendars are not accurate because they assume that you will ovulate 14 days after the first day of your LMP. The only way to be sure when you O is to monitor cervical fluid and take your BBT every morning ... even OPKs are not accurate sometimes. Fertility Friend is a wonderful site and you can even use it to monitor your BBT and ither fertility signs. Good luck to all you wonderful ladies who are TTC.


slowpoke01 - June 29

liznette kelley is righ tit can just estimate when it thinks you may ovulate but you could ovulate earlier or later than that date i dont temp though because it is too hard for me to keep up with but i do use opk's and they work fine for me but that is a great site to see when you may be going to ovulate so you can start using opk's


isa - June 29

be cautious with FF because 3 months it has told me I o'd on the wrong day, (I know because I was doing it while I was getting u/s, b/w done for my iui's and 3x's it was wrong). Use it as a guideline only to help you out but also do your opk's, and monitor your cm, cp height and opening. Always bd a day or 2 longer than you think you should to cover all bases.


Liznette - June 29

Well girls i did get pregnant:-) my period was on the first of january so i mark the 1 till the 14 on my calendar i had my perio for 7days so the 8 i try and got pregnant on the 14 the last day to try....My doctor told me always mark 14 days on your calendar including the days of yor period,, before does 14 days end try to get pregnant and i did ...i went to that page and it helps a lil .Is almost like my doctor explain to me.



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