How to inject HCG
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nic - December 3

Hi all,

I had to give myself a HCG shot this morning. I gave it subcutaneously, in my stomach, using the syringe that I give my insulin in (very small). Now I keep reading that it's supposed to be an intra-muscular injection with a long needle... so have I done it wrong? My doctor's info sheet was very scarce with info and I had to do it today and his office is closed....


Ann1 - December 3

It depends. I used Ovidrel, which was subcutaneous, but I've heard of others that are intra-muscular. I think the subcu shots use a 1/2" needle, so if you didn't have a long needle with your supplies, you probably had the subcu type.


ROBYN - December 3

I agree with Ann - I have just completed my 1st IVF cycle when my HCG shot was done for the retreival it was done intra muscular in the butt cheek. But.... when I did the HCG when I was doing Clomid it was done in the stomach. What size was the needle for injection?


slowpoke01 - December 4

mine was with a long needle in the butt. my docs nurse does it they dont let anyone do it themselves that way they know that it was done right. there are alot of women who do theirs in the stomach, so i am sure that you will be fine. good luck


thayward7 - December 4

I have always given it to myself (3 times) - in the leg. If it's the small needle, then you did it correctly. Don't worry girl! Smiles and Babydust... T


nic - December 6

Aw thanks, guys, I feel better. I used the .5 inch needle. There was a 1.5 inch needle and that was what I used to mix the stuff. Hopefully I did it okay. This TTC stuff is so bloody stressful - you'd think I'd be used to it by now!



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