how to handle baby showers
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k - October 9

My friend for 14 years is prego and a friend of her mother's asked me to help with the shower. No one knows I am having difficulties getting prego but I really don't want to do this. I am trying not be selfish and I would be hurt if she refused to do it for me but I was really pissed when I got asked to help. Plus today I attended a shower for one of my other friends today. This is making feel like crap. Any advice on how to handle going to showers or helping to plan one??? I just don't feel like I can handle it!


maddie - October 9

k...I have also been going through this. My best advice is to be happy for them since it is your friend. I also taked with my gf about how hard this was on me but was happy for her. I keep saying in the back of my mind, it will be my turn soon, and there may be someone else still trying. Good luck


sherry - October 9

been there!!! i had such a hard time at my best friend's shower. i got loaded, cause i was so depressed. she got pregnant after 1 month off the pill, and she didn't know how long me and dh had been trying. it's hard to be there, but it's impossible not to be, if she is your best friend. it was even more hard being there the night she gave birth (ouch!), though i only stayed a few minutes, i was dying inside, and noone knew it. sometimes you just gotto swallow your own feelings, and push them aside to be there for your friend, as she would and will be there for you. turns out a few months ago, my best friend finally got to come to my own baby shower. so see, in the end it will all work out, and soon it will be your turn! ((hugs)) sherry


k - October 9

thanks Sherry and Maddie! I appreciate it!


nadine - October 13

K, Iknow exactly how you feel i have been invited to 2 showers in the space of two days.
I had a miscarriage @ 23 wks las t sept and have now been trying with metformin and clomid for the past 5 mnths so i've said to both i'm goin away just so i don't have to turn up. I might not be as easy for you to do that but i truly couldn't bear it



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