how to get pregnant
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tyson - November 10

me and my boyfriend been trying to have a baby going on a year now and dont know what seems to be the problem he is 21 and i am 20 and we dont know what the problem seems to be what is some steps that we can take that can help us out.


K - November 10

Think about protecting yourself and get married first. You are so young. Have fun now. The only thing you can do is see a dr.


For K - November 10

I am sorry, but that is such a crock of bull ! You don't have to be married to want to have a child! I am a thirty year old woman with a 3 year old child and expecting my second and no, I am not married to the father. When you feel the time is right that is when you get married not because your pregnant or you want to have a child if your only marrying for those reasons then most likely it isn't gonna work anyhow!


Mega - November 10

I agree with the PP. I believe the most important thing for a child is that their parents are happy. It doesn't matter if the parents are married or not. But that's just my opinion. We're all entitled to our own opinion. But Tyson wasn't trying to start a debate. To answer your question, even when both partners are healthy & there are no problems it can take a year. Every month there's less than a 20% chance. It's all timing really. But since it's been almost a year now for you, perhaps now would be the time to get your partner tested. A sperm analysis (SA) is a relatively cheap test & it'll make sure his count is okay, shape & motility of the sperm is okay, etc. It's a good first step to take. Are you regular? Have you tried charting your BBT? That's another simple way you can make sure you're ovulating every month, etc. Good luck Tyson! I hope this helps.



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