how to get pregnant
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paula - March 15

when you are making love should all the sperm remain inside you after your partner has climaxed.


Lilu - March 15

You should lie on your back with a pillow under your butt for 20 minutes. It's okay if some comes out b/c he shoots it in there at 30 mph (OMG... did you know that) haha. They also say that when he climaxes he should remain deep inside of you. I read this in this book I got... "taking charge of your fertility" it has alot of info... ALOT!


June - March 15

I've heard all this stuff as well. However, you can get pregnant even if you get up right away and most of it comes out. Sperm enter the vigina immediately and they know what they are doing. They were designed to be able to swim without doing the 20 min lifting of the hips. So dont think about it too much , its 100% normal for it to leak out.



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