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jal239 - August 2

I have been reading a lot about determining your O days. My problem is I have not had a normal AF cycle since coming off the pill in May. My husband and I BD in the days you are suppose to but that is based on a 28 day cycle, so I could be missing the boat all together. What is the bet way to determine you O days when you are not regulated yet. I was on Provera last month and got AF, but that doensn't mean that this month will be normal. thanks


dea - August 2

BBT charting has been the most reliable for me- along with CM and cervix level/high. I highly recommend this method for women who want to know what is going on with their body. You can look most of the stuff up online- or you can read Toni Whechler's (sp?) book : Taking Charge of Your Fertility. GL ~~DUST~~


MelissaV - August 2

I agree about bbt charting, but that too can sometimes be difficult to analyze. I recommend keeping your chart on There is a lot of info on there. Using an ovulation predictor kit would also help you a lot (but might get expensive if you have to use more than one box a cycle)



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