how to choose an RE or fertility clinic?
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Val - May 29

Hi. I've been ttc for over a year and had one mc last Aug. I'm 36 so it's definitely time to see a specialist. My dh had his sperm tested and everything came back fine. I have an appt for next Friday at a fertlity clinic that was rated #3 in the country, but I'm not sure whether to go to that clinic or another one that was locally recommended. I've looked at the CDC ART reports for both facilities and the main difference seems to be that the clinic I'm scheduled at has a slightly lower IVF live birth rate, but also has fewer twins and triplets. I'm wondering generally how others choose where to go and if anyone has any specific recommendations for Portland, Oregon? Thanks...


Kirk - May 29

Hi Val!!! Well it is a hard decision to make. I am in Victoria, Canada and I know that the Fertility Clinic here is one of the best. I did have a look at there website and talked to alot of people. but it was an easy decision for me. I am thankful that they have a higher success rate, but also are concerned with multiple births. Here is their website if you want to have a look and maybe get a little more information. Good luck with your search, and babydust to you!!!


Val - May 31

Hi Kirk-
thanks for responding! I appreciate it. Baby dust to you also!!!



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