How to check temp ( 1st timer)
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Amy - July 2

Hello. I had posted a question earlier on if using a regular thermometer would be just as accurate. Well, I have more that I need to ask about checking temps. I am new to doing this. I understand taking temps at the same time every day. I will do it when I first wake up of the mornings. The question I have is, how do you know what the temps mean? What is the temp to let you know that ovulation is occuring? what will the temps be like if you do get pregnant? what is regular temps? I will be taking my temps by fahrenheidt not celcius. I think I spelled those right. Please, someone explain all this stuff to me. My hubby and I are now trying for a baby. ( #2) I want to do anything that might help our chances. Thank you and baby dust to all!!


Kerri - July 2

You're right... taking your temps at the same time every morning and before you get out of bed is very important in mapping out your bbt chart--even as much as 30 min. too early, or too late, can through the temps off .2 degrees. You want to start tracking your temps on day one of your cycle to get the full picture. Normal temps are different for everyone--usually between 97.3-97.7 pre-ovulation-Unfortunately, bbt doesn't always tell you when you're O, but confirms if you did O by an increase in temperature of at least .4 degrees(that's usually a .4 difference between the day after ovulation occurred, and the previous 5 days of recording). After this shift, your temp will continue to stay higher than your pre O baselines--higher temps over a 16 day time window usually indicates pregnancy. Hope this is helpful :0)


Nancy - July 2

Hi Amy i would suggest you go to this link this is very informative. It will help you answer your question about temp charting.


Nancy - July 2

One more thing you can use to chart your temp daily, just input your temp and you can make your own chart there.


merlee - July 2

Amy, I have used Fertility Friend and would recommend it to newcomers just to understand it all. It really is a science - all this baby making.


Joby - July 3

Hi Amy, I am temping this month for the 1st time (ttc1). We have been trying for 6 months now. I used OPKs last month which I got +OPK but don't know whether I did actually O & if I did which day. I charted on fertility friend last month but I am following temps this month. Like the ladies above say it is a good site as it will analyze all your signs. You can temp in either celcius or fahrenheit, so give it a go!! Good luck!!


Kerri - July 4

Thanks for the website ladies....I've found it helpful



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