How thick must lining be for iui to be done?
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nelly - January 18

I have been suffering thin lining with clomid AND without. What does your ob/gyn, or RE say your lining must be to do an iui? I need info before I review with my doctor as I think he is letting my lining stay too thin to get pregnant.


Elyse - January 18

My Dr said 8 I think, but my was 10 this time and he was sooooo happy.


nelly - January 18

thanks. I think my RE lets mine stay too thin that is why I am asking all you gals as to what your doc's say. I've had to go on estrogen a couple months to boost it which is does in a day or 2 but I'm thinking I need it every month or I'll never be able to hold a pregnancy.


Elyse - January 18

what was the measurement of the lining last time?


lene - January 19

yeah, doc said 8 for me as well...


nelly - January 19

mine was just over 7 (7.1 I think) and was told anything over 7 was fine but I dont believe it.


Elyse - January 19

Nelly, when are you trying again?


nelly - January 20

I want to make appt with doctor but we will do iui again this month if all is ok. Just waiting for cd 3 to start the monitoring process again.



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