How sucessful is an HSG
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Kendra - June 3

I recently had an HSG and I was wondering how many people have gotten pregnant after this procedure and how soon after.


albertagirl - June 3

I had an hsg on May 9 and I am now 5 weeks pregnant.


Kendra - June 3

I am still spotting from the procedure. it has been four days. Is this regular?


TravelBug - June 3

Kendra - I got mine done on 5/20. I started light bleeding a few days later right around O. It lasted for 2 days and then turned into brown spotting for another 5 days. I am waiting to find out next Tues/Wed if the HSG brought us a miracle. Have you talked to your radiologist and/or OBGYN? My OBGYN said not to worry.


Sue - June 3

I conceived two months after an HSG. I am now trying for baby #2. Stay positive and good luck!



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