how soon does pg symptoms occur help
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brandi - March 17

my last period was feb21 had sex on march7, breast are sore and i was naseaus today .is that to quick


emma - March 23

how soon is the soonest that you can feel pregnancy symptoms after you have had sex?


Paris - March 27

I was wondering the same thing ladies. I dont know if it is because I want to be so badly or not. Also, I spotted during day 14 w/lt brown on 15, nothing now though. I wonder what caused that...any ideas? Could I have been ovulating? If so, should I have had sex before, after, or during? THANKS!


Foxy - April 1

All women are different. My symptoms started pretty much straight away in that I had sore boobs as usual before my period was due, and the soreness never went away. I was also feeling much more tired than usual. Never felt sick though. Some women don't notice any symptoms for weeks.



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