How soon could twins be detected?
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Twins - February 6

I am 5 weeks pregnant after 1cycle of Clomid 50 cd 5-9. When is the soonest twins would show up on an ultrasound?


tryin4baby - February 6

it is not impossible but i wouldn't be to worried about having multiples with clomid. there is only a 10% increased chance of having multiples with this med. i too am on clomid. i was very afraid of having multiples and my dr. wouldn't go through with the cycle if my chances increased by a lot. i go to an reproductive endocrynologist and my cousin works there. apparently if you have more than one baby your hcg would be drastically higher than a woman in the same week as you carrying only one. when the levels come back my cousin is usually able to tell if there is more than one. good luck


izza - February 14

how twins be detected



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