How soon can you test...
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robyn - April 9

Curious finished my 1st round of clomid 50 mg, also received my first hcg shot 3 days ago and I have been ovulating for 2 days I am on CD 17. I go back to the RE next saturday for a progesterone level check. How soon do I test for pregnancy? Thanks


tara - April 9

test minimum 12 days after hcg shot or you could get a false positive because the hcg shot is the same thing the hpt picks up. It could leave your system as early as 8 or 10 but my clinic said to wait until 12 days to be sure and not get my hopes up and then find out it was the shot.


robyn - April 9

tara thanks for responding. Thats probably why my re wants me back next saturday.


tara - April 9

He's probably going to do a beta hcg test which is the quantitative pregnancy test. They need at least a 5 to be pregnant. Good luck and baby dust


robyn - April 9

Thanks for your advice. Good luck to you as well.



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