how soon after conception?
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curious - May 8

How soon after possible conception, besides a missed period, could a pregnancy test possibly pick up the pregnancy hormone? 10 days? 15 days? 19 days?


Amanda - May 8

The pregnancy tests you buy at the drugstore can usually detect the amount of pregnancy hormone in about 12-14 days post-ovulation. You can buy pregnancy tests online that are sensitive to 20 units pregnancy hormone (vs. 50-100 units at the drugstore) so they can detect pregnancy from about 7 days past ovulation.
Hope this helps


curious - May 8

Well, i do not know about the ovulation. I have not really looked it up or anything. When does a woman start ovulating? Before a period, after a period?


Kaylee - July 7

Ovulation usually occurs midway through your cycle. Lets say you have a 28 day cycle, then you count the day you started your period as day 1 then count 14 days, and that 'should' be the day you ovulate. Of course, we are not all on a 28 day cycle, and are not always that predictable. Hope this helps! Good Luck!


kc - July 7

Kaylee is correct for a 28 day cycle you ovulate around day 14. A more accurate way to determine ovulation if you do not have a 28 day cycle. You ovulate approximately 14 days before your period. So if you have a 30 day cycle you ovulate around day 16 where first day of bleeding is day 1. If you have a 31 day cycle you ovulate around day 17. Your most fertile days are the two days before and the day you ovulate. I hope this helps.


keri - July 15

My cycle is every 38 days so does that mean I ovulate at day 14 or is it 18 days????



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