How Soon after a late(ish) m/c?
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annahoban7 - January 8

I had a m/c at 16 weeks (3 weeks ago.) I have PCOS and have to be on Metformin and have to take clomid to get pregnant. I want to know all of your opinions on when to try and conceive again. Most books and OBs say when your periods return to normal, I don' t have normal periods, 2 or 3 a year, anyone know a good time period to wait?


JB0405 - January 8

Hi Anna, I know your name, I just can't remember what thread! In any case, my heart REALLY goes out to you... you are going through such a tough time, I wish you nothing but the best! What has your dr said about trying again? I would think that you could try again 4 weeks after BUT you were further along so I am not sure if the rules are different. I was 5 weeks when I miscarried! I hope that I helped a bit! How long have you been ttc? Please keep me posted on your progress.


Mega - January 8

Annahoban, I'm so sorry about your loss. Must be esp rough since you were so far into your pg. The important thing I'd say is to be sure you're ready emotionally to try again. Physically my dr wanted me to wait 2 cycles before trying again after my recent m/c (at 7 weeks) but since I take BCPs for my IVF cycles he's counting that as my 2nd cycle. So I can start BCPs after I get AF. I'm on Prometrium to induce AF right now. I have PCOS myself. So I'd recommend maybe trying to wait perhaps 2 or 3 mos. if you can to let your body heal, then if no AF by then perhaps asking your dr for Provera or Prometrium to induce AF. Have you talked to your dr yet about trying again? Did you have a D&C, that might make a difference too on when it's safe to try again. The key though is being ready emotionally. I'm so sorry for all your loss. Hang in there.


annahoban7 - January 9

Hi again. I did have a d & c, I went in for the normal 16 week check up, no heartbeat on the doppler and then we checked on the ultrasound (like I had to do with my others) and no movement and no heartbeat. D&C the next day. I haven't had my follow up yet since it hasn't been too long. I am of course going to ask these questions when I go but I really wanted to know what others who have been there think. We were ttc for only a couple of months. I also have to take Prometrium usually to get af so I am expecting that but I am really wondering how long before they will actually give it to me. I think I might have some left over, ha. I don't do anything without my dr say so, I really trust her but a part of me thinks they are going to say 6 months or more since I did have the d and c and because of the timing. Maybe that's a good amount of time but it seems like forever to me.



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