How Soon??
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Alianna - March 7

How soon do I need to go off of the pill if we'd like to start trying to have a baby after October?


luna - March 7

If yiu want to have a baby after october then you can come of the pill now.And you fell pregnant in april then your baby would be due about december but remember babies arrive when it suits them not you. I had my baby at 32wks so don't just persume you will carry for 40wks. GOODLUCK.


Liza - March 8

I think she meant that they want to begin to try to have a baby after October so she is wondering when to come off the pill.


mrsbrissel - March 11

I would say get off soon. Many people have trouble getting pregnant right away and i would say the sooner you get off the pill the longer your body has to regulate itself. Good luck! I want to be pregnant too!



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