How reliable is BBT?
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Pinky - March 13

Hi everyone! Today I am very sad....My last Af was on 11th Feb. I got +OPK on 24th and I beleive I ovulated on 26th. My period spouse to come today but nothing yet. On 5th march (7 days after my ovulation) I saw very light brown mucus in the morning and in the evening I got about one tea spoon blood. It wasn't really dark red but It was similar to fresh blood red color. than after everyday I saw same type mucus (very light brown). It hasn't increase the darker or any kind of spotting etc...Initially I was very excited and thought it must be implantation bleed...But BBT patern is similar to last month.. (98.10F 5 days before my AF and drop to 97.4F day before AF)....Today my temperature drop to 97.35F from 98.10F. That means my AF is probably coming tomorrow or after that, right? I have no other sign of AF or Pregnant? I don't know what to think? How reliable is BBT method? Please comment....


kare21162 - March 14

There is supposed to be a drop in temp. with implantation bleeding. Is there a drop when you experienced the bleeding? It also depends on if you were taking the temp at the same time everyday and before you got up and did anything. BBT is supposed to be very reliable.


Lilu - March 14

The implantation drop is only one temp that drops though, then they go back up. Is today 14 dpo? Sometimes my LP is 15 days. BT is very reliable. It doesn't lie. I'm sorry ur cycle is screwy this month... it's so fustrating. Did you test?


Pinky - March 16

Well I didn't check this for 3-4 days. I had temp dip on the day when I bleed. But Well I don't know Why was that because I got my AF on tuesday (14th)...Ii don't Why I saw that bleed and kept my hopes very high...I am very sad now..Feels like it never gonna happen........



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