How often should you bd to increse your chances...
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lovemy3 - September 7

Hi all, I am 37 and am ttc. When I concieved my other children (last one being born 3 years ago) we bd each a.m from cd 10 till cd20. Now we have been trying for quite a few cycles and nothing. My dh is 40 yrs old. we are using the c.b monitor this month and i am on cd12 and showed "high" this a.m and we bd. Should we do this now each day to "peak" or only every other day. the past months we have everyday. Any advice is very welcome!! thanks so much!!


marymo - September 7

Hi lovemy3. Im no expert in this, but bding everyday would probably be the answer. I believe getting closer to peak is when you are ovulating and Ive always heard to bd even a couple of days after peak. the egg is only viable for 24 hours, but sperm can last 3-5 days if everything is right. I hope this helps!!! Good luck!!!!


Tammy276 - September 7

I would say you want to bd everyother day...Woman think that if they bd everyday they have a greater chance of conceiving and that is actually false...If you bd everyday, you are actually lowering his sperm count dramatically....if you bd every other day, you are giving his body a chance to re-produce the sperm that is needed......This may sound silly, but when guys get "snipped" they are told to have sex everyday for 20 days to clean themselved bd everyother...we did and I am now 11 weeks pregnant.


tibby - September 7

well it depends on your dh sperm. if there very good every day can work, but if not every other day from cd10 gives the sperm time to build up.



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