how much IUI cost
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aish - February 12

I am in Va ,i will have to go for IUI , ididnt recd. any information that how much it will cost me ,so can u please help me if anyone in va area....


to aish - February 12

call the clinic you went to and ask. They really should have spelled everything out in plain words. If they have not, I would make another appoinment and be armed with your questions. You should have never been told you need something without finding out the cost. Did you call your insurance to see if they cover infertility procedures?


jennie - February 13

ins. paid most, but our re consult was $340, the clomid copay was only $10, and the procedure with washing etc. was about $1,000. we had 2 back to back, so it may have been slightly higher, all i know is we paid out of pocket only $250, and have our daughter. best money i ever spent. it varies from different clinics so you gotto do your homework, and hopefully you have good ins. jennie


JMD - February 14

My insurance does not cover infertility and I paid $600 per IUI. The $600 included the washing procedure. My meds cost about $200 and the consultation visit was $300. I went to a dr in Silver Spring, MD.


aish - February 14

thanku so much, Actually they didnt told me how much it will cost they told me that our fianancial coordinater will call u & tells u the rates but it is almost 1 week no one called , when i am calling there they said they will call u ASAP...and my periods r on its way .....and still dont know ....



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