How much HSG cost?
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kisses - August 4

Hi ladies just wondering how much will it cost me for HSG, i don't have any insurance and i just want to be prepared just in case i will undergo HSG. Kindly give me an idea how much should i prepare. Thanks a lot


Lena - August 4

I just happen to have a new rate sheet for my RE with me today. Their non insurance cost is $1,019. With insurance its $65 or $130 depending on the person's coverage. It might be cheaper for you to get a few months of insurance and take the test while you're covered.


kisses - August 4

hi Lena, thanks for the info...maybe i should try your advice to get insurance first before having HSG...


isa - August 5

What country are you in? I'm in Canada and mine was free as part of our provincial plan OHIP as well as my investigative cycle, bloodwork, vag ultrasounds, reg ultrasounds etc.


kisses - August 5

i'm from USA isa....and as of now i don't have any i want to find out how much would that cost.You are so lucky coz you can have all the tests for free. Hope i could also have it



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