How much did your IVF cost?
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Tink - November 19

I am just curious of the cost differences out there---i know it varies clinic to clinic and across the country. i am going to discuss it as a possible next step hopefully next week with my RE. i've done 7 mos. of treatment, including 4 mos on clomid, 2 IUIs with clomid, 1 IUI with follistim and a lap. no BFP ever. i am 33 and healthy otherwise. great response to clomid in terms of follicle production. not sure of the problem other than maybe DH's guys just can't penetrate my egg or something. so who knows. just curious if your insurance covered IVF and if not, how much did a full cycle cost you altogether, or did you do a shared risk program (I don't know if he offers it, i have to find out). i appreciate the stats! my ins doesn't not cover it BTW. it does currently cover my u/s and b/w, but not sure if that will continue if we do IVF. he might be submitting those under PCOS or endo to get them through ins.


ROBYN - November 19

Hi Tink - I am doing a Shared Risk program which you get 3 fresh and 3 frozen IVF attempts if no baby than 70% money back. I am in the midst of doing my 1st IVF cycle. At my clinic a regular cycle without Shared Risk is 8,940 not including meds which are about 3000.00. Insurance covers nothing for us. As for my Shared Risk thru Integramed we paid 21,300 up front and then 3000 for meds. You pay more up front for the Shared Risk but for us it was worth the money because if the 1st cycle didnt work we had 5 more chances. We did Clomid for about 5 months with Ovidrel Shot my only issue is a lot of scar tissue around the ovaries. My RE didnt want to remove it by doing a Lap he was afraid of damaging my bowel. So he said we could spend a fortune a month on injectibles but probably wont increase our chances that much but on the IVF he will bypass everything and it should work he gave a 50% shot on the 1st try I also have an 8 yoa from a previous marriage so that also increased my chances. So I hope this helps G/L to you.



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