How much can i drink?
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S - September 9

Hi, i have been trying to concive for 9 months now, it is hard enough to cope without everyone asking how it is going so we have told noone we are trying. i have given up drink, junk food and i take my vitamins. My question is i have a wedding to go to and as i have not told anyone we are trying they will wonder why i am not drinking as i used to drink alot. Is one glass of champers in the toasts ok to drink?


Lena - September 9

We know the effects of FAS in that more FAS babies are born with RAD, but we really don't understand how much alcohol or when the alcohol is consumed to cause RAD. If you are already pregnant or suspect you could be pregnant than you should consult with your dr. If you aren't pregnant, one glass shouldn't hurt your chances of conception.



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