How many ttc for #2 or higher?
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MelissaS - June 7

Ok, I just read about secondary infertility on another website, and that site states that secondary infertility is actually more common than primary infertility. I'm just wondering how many of us are ttc for #2 or higher. I posted on the secondary infertility forum, but it doesn't really look like anybody really reads that one.


Drew - June 7

We are ttc #2. I had a m/c about 5 years ago, and since then I have had nothing but trouble. (Our little girl is almost 7)


MelissaS - June 7

Just wondering - have you been tested? I think you said you're on clomid right?


Drew - June 7

Tested for secondary infertility? The only testing he did for me was for the pcos. I actually just started my second round of Clomid today.


MelissaS - June 7

I just meant generic infertility testing. I just think it's weird because (as I've heard so many times) "your body just knows what to do after one pg". WHATEVER!


Drew - June 7

I know!! I hate when people tell me "well you have gotten pregnant twice before, so you know you can do it. It will happen when the time is right" BLAH BLAH BLAH! Trust me after trying for 5 years, I'm pretty sure it will not just happen when the time is right. Some people are so insensitive!!


Jenny Rose - June 7

I am ttc #3. We got pregnant easily with the other two and I have now been off bc for 16months. In April I did a round of provera and clomid and then I was suppose to start clomid again on Friday but ended up in the ER with a cyst the size of a peach on my ovary. So now my doctor wants me to take provera again and then clomid again but I am not sure that I want to do that again. I kinda feel like I am never going to get pregnant again. I am so sick of the - hpt everymonth.


MelissaS - June 7

So there! :-) You know what else I don't get? And, I know we're all entitled to our own opinions, but those people who are so against taking meds that they look down of you for doing it. Well, sorry honey if I am only o'ing once a year and it doesn't take does that mean I should wait 12 (yrs) to finally do something else?


MelissaS - June 7

Sorry. I really wasn't trying to make this a vent session for myself but, was honestly wondering how many people secondary infertility affects. But, also had to get some things off my chest. (I must be getting ready for af to visit).


Drew - June 7

Thats ok Melissa, you gotta let it out somewhere! My poor dh is getting antsy, just finished pms, now onto the Clomid moods! Jenny Rose, were you on b/c in between the first two? Kids I mean lol. Maybe the b/c kinda changed your ovulation? This is all so confusing!! You just never know what your body is doing! Jenny Rose, I also wanted to ask you what your symptoms were when you had the cyst. I'm actually kinda scared I may have one, but I dont want to go running to the doc's unless I really need to!


kc - June 7

We are ttc for #2. Our daughter is now 4. We had trouble conceiving her it took 2 years. The pregnancy was very uneventful. So far we have been ttc for 13 months. I mc in April at 7 weeks.


Jenny Rose - June 8

I wasn't saying anything bad about taking medication I am just scared because of this cyst.
Drew my symptoms were alot like pregnancy. I had some cramping, I gained eight pounds in two weeks and I just felt bloated. I wasn't on bc between my two kids. They are only 12 months apart. I was on bc after my second for about three months and got off because it made me sick.


dm - June 8

We are ttc our second also. It's been 13 months and I never thought it would be this hard considering my dh and I are only 25. Our first was a "suprise" (she'll be 3 in August). I just had an hsg in May so we're hoping that's going to do the trick. If not, it's off to an infertility specialist!!


MelissaS - June 8

Hi Jenny Rose. I wasn't referring to you with the meds comment. I work with a couple women who make their comments about the meds. I just feel like punching them. :-) So your symptoms mad you feel like your were pg? Was it just a ton of pain when you went to the ER?


Jill - June 8

I am ttc #2. I have PCOS and took Clomid last month. We actually were on birth control when we got pregnant with our son! So, I don't really understand why I'm having so many problems now. It seems to run in my family for every woman except my mom. My mom has 7 of us!! But both of my dad's sisters had problems, one had cysts so big that her ovaries had to be removed when she was 27, the other tried for 10 years before she got pregnant, and then it was a fluke. My sister has been ttc #1 for a year and a half, and my husband and I have been trying for 8 months. I don't think the Clomid worked last month and we aren't going to do it again. Too many mood swings!!


MelissaS - June 8

The mood swings on clomid are horrible!


Jenny Rose - June 9

The pain was bad. I had no idea what was wrong with me. It was worse than labor. I told my hubby I had to go in. I think that we have decided that we are not going to take any more meds. If it is meant to be than it will be. I think that it is going to be hard for me because I really want another baby. I love the two that we have and I would be totally content but I would love to have one more.



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