How many test do I have to do to get pregnate?
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ambar33460 - March 16

I 've been tryin for seven years to become pregnate. Doctord have tried everything and nothing seems to work I am stressed. how many of you have gone thru this? please help me deal with this anyone.


KIM - March 17

and i am sorry for your troubles but 7 years is too long...speak to a fertility specialist or if all else fails adopt. Good luck


Pinky - March 17

Have you done Sperm count, tube opening, IUI or IVF?


Ann - March 19

ambar, try to ignore the ignorant comments that pop up on the board sometimes. Most of the women here truly want to help and can relate to what you are going through. As with real life, some people are just judgmental and don't focus on the issues. You said your dr has tried everything, but you didn't say what you have tried so far. If you haven't had any tests yet, first the dr will take some blood to check your hormonal counts and to verify you are ovulating. He/she will also likely recommend that you get a hsg to verify your tubes are clear. I hope this helps and good luck to you!


Jaqi - March 19

Ambar - like Ann said, don't worry about what others say on here. Ignorance is a pain in the ass and they must have a lot of pain! You need to get bloodwork done (it can check for hormonal imbalance, PCOS, etc...), ask about an HSG (that's how I found out my tubes were blocked and I had Laparoscopic surgery done in 2/8/06 and found out I have Endometriosis. I am now have to go through IVF. Also, you need to have your husband/boyfriend get a semen analysis done to check him out. Check with your insurance co., or his, to see what all they cover with infertility. Mine pays for 80/20 of IVF since I have Endo. Some companies pay all, some none. There are a lot of things you can do and exhaust all options. Always remember, adoption in an option too. My husband says that maybe we were meant to adopt and help a child. I totally agree with him but would also like one of my own....the actual experience cannot be replaced. So, keep your head up and talk to your docs. Get a second opinion if you want to. It's doesn't hurt and it's your right to do so. If your regular doc gets mad, oh well.....It's your right! ;o)
****Baby Dust to you!!! ****


nicole - March 19

they are a lot of test. just be positive. i tried for 2 years and then had an ectopic and surgery. trying again. we were told that there is nothing causing our problems. just keep hoping.


Rhiannon - March 19

OMG you people who mock others on these sites should be slapped. I can't believe the types of comments ambar has had to deal with. If you have nothing nice to say then F**K Off. Ambar, good luck. I hope everything can work out for you.



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