How many of us with PCOS?
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Jill - July 14

I have had PCOS for 2 years. We have been ttc for 9 months, with no luck so far. We tried Clomid one month, with no luck. My husband and I have agreed to not try anything more aggressive for a while, if it comes down to that. I just thought we needed a thread for all the women on here with Polycystic ovaries, since there seems to be quite a few. We can share our stories and offer our encouragement. Good luck to all.


Brittania - July 14

well i dont hav pcos but my bestfriend does. she has a 3 yr old and is now 4 1/2 months with her 2nd child. she didnt do anything speacial. she was on birth control for about a year stopped taking it and got pregnate. this time around she could take BC cause she had and accident and got a blood clot in her leg. her dr put here on metformin and 2 months later here she is again. it can happen and i wish you the best of luck!


hayley - July 14

hello,i have had pcos for nearly 3 years now i have also being trying to concive for 3 years with baby num 1.I was put on metforin 500g but it made me very poorly and i was missing my periods as well.So they put me on clomid and it did seem to be working up until round 2.i was gutted when it stoped working probley and it made me feel as if i want to give up trying but i know deep down in side i can not give up my husband says all gud things will happen to the ones who wait and i truely belive in it.i wish all of u the very best of luck


bump - July 15



Khristy - July 15

I have pcos and my ob/gyn put me on Metformin 2000 mg a day. I now have regular cycles and feel so much better. No more painful and heavy periods . Plus no more long periods and no more waiting 2 and 3 or 6 months for my cycle to show up. And I feel so much better . I started clomid this month and now waiting to O in the next 5-9 days . I use the clear plan monitor to chart my ovulation.
Best Wishes


Kristen - July 15

I was just diagnosed with PCOS and my doctor put me on met. I am little, about 5 foot 115 pounds and I don't know if that makes a difference but I cannot take more than 1000mg a day or it just kills me. It makes me so sick like I can't even get out of bed sick. So I just keep taking the 1000mg and no more. I was wondering if the met doesn't work unless you are at least taking 1500mg worth. I have heard women can't get pregnant until they are on a high does. I really don't want my dose to raise any more. Let me know if anyone has gotten pregant on just 1000mg a day.


kelly - July 16

some people have got pregant on 500g some people just need a little help



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