How many months have PCOS girls out there been trying?
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blf0521 - November 13

Hello I have been TTC for almost 2 yrs now, 1 year on our own, 6 mo of Clomid & Metformin, and now 3 mo of Inj & IUI. Still now luck. Im just really wondering how long everyone has been trying and if anyone has had a successful pregnancy. Im starting to think this is taking me longer than average and what my next step is going to be.


Lynn - November 14

i was TTC for a total of 3+ years. i suffered m/c in 2004 (natural), an ectopic in 2005 (follistim +IUI) and finally a BFP and 28wks into it in 2006. i began taking metformin Oct. 2005 and that is all i was taking when i got my BFP June 2nd. stay positive and good luck.


blf0521 - November 14

Thanks Lynn, I suffered m/c june 05, thats shortly after that is when we realized i had PCOS.


Tammy_R - November 17

naturally for about 1year.... I started my 1st round of clomid today.... good luck all.



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