How many IUIs or IVF's have you had?
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Tink - October 16

Just curious what the stats are around here.

How many IUIs or IVFs. how many follies and then how many eggs did you have? BFP or BFN?

i've had 2 IUIs, both unsuccessful, but 7 follies both times and we confirmed 4 eggs were ovulated both times. still 2 BFN.


barzee - October 16

Hi Tin- I have had 2 IUI's too. Now we are onto invitro. I had 4 good follicles.,......and still a BFN. Infact I got the news today.
Are you going to try invitro?
Where are you from?


Tracy88 - October 16

I had one IUI with injectables.....4 mature follies, two ovulated, two implanted, having twins!!!!


barzee - October 17

Tracey88- How many times did you try? If you dont mind me asking what were the problems that you were doing fertilty?? you or hubby?


chele - October 17

Hi Tink! I'm new to this, but I had 1 IUI done w/ 2 back-to-back. I had 7 good size follies, no injectibles except the HCG trigger. On Clomid, estrogen and Progesterone. I'm doing the waiting game right now. Where you taking any meds? Hi barzee & Tracy!


Tink - October 17


i took 100 mg clomid the first IUI and 50mg the second. I used the trigger shot on both. no injectibles though (since i obviously respond well enough to clomid) I had 7 mature follies both cycles and had 4 of the follies ovulate eggs both cycles. so even with 4, nothing happened. I had to take estrace the first cycle to thicken up my lining (which is why they reduced the clomid for round 2- it thins the lining). I also had to take progesterone suppositories the first cycle. my levels were fine though for round 2. Tracey- twins? how exciting!!! i really hope for twins too- at 33, i'd rather have 2 at once, cuz i am not getting any younger!


chele - October 17

Tink, Wow it sounds like you and I have very familiar situations. I have not had a problem w/ the lining however, I do use the progesterone cream at night for safe measure. I started at the 50mg of Clomid, went to 100mg now I have taken 150mg. May I ask if you are still planning on trying w/ IUIs? If so, when is your next one?


JenG - October 18

Hi, I have had... 1 unmedicated IUI, 2 Clomid/IUI, 4 Follistim/IUI, and now moving onto IVF.


Tink - October 18

Barzee- sorry to hear about your BFN. I am from the Dallas, TX area. good luck with the IVF- when are you starting it? Chele- sounds like we are similar alright! i have done the 2 IUIs, both medicated and now am doing a lap this friday. after the lap, we will pursue up to 4 more IUIs (if it takes that many). after that, i will consider IVF. our insurance covers the IUIs, hence trying 6. it does NOT cover the IVF, hence waiting on that. it would be a big decision and financial committment for the IVF, so i want to hold off if i can and give IUI a chance after the lap. we should be doing our next (third) IUI cycle the first or second week of november. that will be 2-3 weeks after my lap. hopefully it takes that time


isa - October 18

1 natural iui, 2 clomid and injection iui's, 4 injection iui's + 7 bfns, 1 cancelled ivf cycle due to overstimulation from lupron and poor response .except the ivf cycle I stimmed very very well, one month OHSS with 18-20 mature eggs and 10 others but couldnt flip it to an ivf as we didnt have the proper b/w done for ivf. waiting for next cycle to try ivf #2


chele - October 19

Tink, Hi! hopefully you will not have to get to the IVF, hopefully the IUI in November will be the one!!! Today is 13 dpiui for me so I can test tomorrow morning. I am a little nervous because I have the numbing/odd feeling in that area that I typically get before af. The only think I'm holding on to now is faith of course but my bbs are very sore and many others reported that they thought af was coming because of the cramping and wallah, they were indeed pregnant! If this does not work then I have my first RE appt on Monday. I have been trying w/ my OBGYN and did my first IUI w/ her. Good luck, and keep us posted!


isa - October 19

sorry typo it should say = 7 bfns, + 1 cancelled ivf.


barzee - October 20

Chele- my fingers are crossed. Keep us updated.
Has anyone ever had IVF in here?


gmh - October 20

Hi, hope this is not off the initial thread. I have had 3 IUI all BFN - Injection were cancel for cycle. hope to do injection and IUI this cycle. All 3 times had between 4-7 follies. My question is the ovulated part how do you know I have never been told and in fact that is one of my biggest question am I even ovulating????


JenG - October 20

Hi, you did IUIs naturally before this? If you have done clomid or injectiables through a RE, they will be able to tell you if you have ovulated. It would be very hard for me to believe you produced those results each time and didn't ovulate, especially if they reached a mature size (18mm +) before IUI. 18mm and above have an 80% chance of releasing. If you have any continuing doubts after talking to your RE, they can do an additional test at CD 21 after IUI to confirm progesterone is adequate. If okay, this also confirms ovulation. However, you may not need this just by talking with the RE. I would be pretty upset actually going through 3 IUI and drugs with an RE that could not easily confirm ovulation.



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