how many hcg shots do you get in one cycle?
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mrose - February 16

hello everyone, i'm going to talk to my dr about doing an IUI and Hcg shots, i was wondering how many do you do in a cycle? i was trying to find out the cost...does anyone know how much an IUI alone cost? my ultrasounds would be covered and i can get the hcg shot for $65.30 for 3 vials....any advice would be great! thanks!


addie1717 - February 17

I get two HCG to trigger O and then one a week later. I just had my 1st IUI. The sperm washing was 160, IUI was 125 and U/S was 210(insurance does not cover anymore b/c I am on clomid) Baby dust to you!!!


Tink - February 18

i only had one HCG shot per IUI cycle, only to trigger once they saw my follicles were measuring 18mm. i think it was $65 for one prefilled Ovidrel syringe. for my actual IUI cost- clomid can be $30. if you are doing injectables instead of clomid- like follistim, that is expensive. probably $700-$1500 for the injectables/follistim per IUI cycle. my ins did not cover the drugs, but did cover my IUI procedure. so be sure and check and be prepared. the IUI itself was about $400. the associated labwork and multiple ultrasounds were about $300 a pop/visit (covered by ins). my IUI cycles with clomid were probably about $2k (insurance covered most of that). my follistim/IUI cycles were probably about $3k and i was forunate enough to get a free sample of the follistim from a nurse I am friends wiht at my clinic. it would have cost me $700 just for those shots! good luck- i did 4 IUIs, all good response, but no BFP. i am waiting for my egg transfer on tuesday for IVF #1. good luck



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